Customers’ Comments

Customers’ Comments









Prune Jam is wonderful.  Thanks.” 

Steve L, Dunfermline, Scotland

“I must say that the Kea Plum Jam from Hubble is the best one I have ever tried ... and you can be sure that I will order from Hubble Preserves again.” 

Uwe B, Oberhausen, Germany

“Too good for toast!”

comment about Hubble Strawberry Extra Jam by school bursar’s PA

“I fly and drive over eleven thousand miles to pick up a jar of Sue Hubble’s extremely tasty home-made marmalade. Why do I do this? Because every spoonful is really wonderful!” 

Roger Pritchard, San Francisco

“This homemade Kea Plum Jam has a marvellous unique taste and is delicious, a true Cornish delicacy. The jam is a little sharp with a wonderful sweet after taste, just perfect with a fresh slice of homemade bread, or use it to make a delicious plum sauce perfect with roast duck.”

Martin Watson (